Deepening the Dents

My goal of ridding myself of some Stuff has got slightly nearer today. My pile of Stuff to take to charity has grown; I’ve recycled and thrown away if I’ve had to; I’ve reorganised cupboards and drawers to make it easier to access things. It feels good.

It doesn’t exactly look good yet, because there are still piles of things to be sorted out dotted about here and there, in that ‘worse before it gets better’ stage. Still, the dent I’ve made in decluttering at home is definitely getting deeper.

I’ve started planning ahead to a couple of trips I’m taking over the summer, each one only for a couple of nights but, still, it will be nice to get away for a bit. There are things like train tickets to organise but I’m pretty much sorted out. This evening, I met a friend who I’m going away with and it was fun to look ahead to our break.

I’m next going to tackle Stuff at work on Friday. Tomorrow I’m meeting a friend for lunch and a catch up and I have a couple of errands to run. Hopefully it will be another productive day.

Making Dents

Decluttering is like painting the Forth Bridge for me: once I’ve worked my around every room, it’s time to start again because Stuff is a habit I can’t seem to break. That’s not to say I don’t stop trying, though, so today I started tackling unnecessary Stuff at work and at home.

At work, I filled a couple of recycling bags with paperwork I don’t need to keep. I threw out tatty and unwanted Stuff. It looks like I haven’t done anything, really, but it’s all a start.

It’s the same at home, where I’ve emptied a big kitchen cupboard and started downsizing my collection of cookware. I’ll continue this mission tomorrow, when I’m hoping my dad will be able to pop round to help with a DIY job (which should be DIYWYD for me: do it yourself with your dad).

I may even squeeze in a trip or two to the tip to get rid of some Stuff…


My posting continues to be sporadic as I find my blogging groove again. Part of this is down to things being pretty hectic lately. I’ve enjoyed a busy bank holiday weekend that’s included seeing some good friends, winning a competition and visiting a big music event.

The music event was the second day of the BBC Biggest Weekend here in Swansea. I’m not great in the sun as I burn and get sunstroke really easily, and it was a very warm and sunny day. Despite frequently topping up my factor 30, I still caught the sun a little. I enjoyed the music and I also met up with an old friend from Comprehensive school who was there with her family.

I also managed to win a competition. You know those ‘like and share’/’like and tag’ things on Facebook that you possibly assume nobody ever wins? Well, I won one! It was for breakfast for four at a local bar/eatery and I was able to share it with friends who were visiting for the bank holiday. The sun was shining again and we also got to have a walk and ice cream in the sun.

This week my self-care is focusing on decluttering again. Getting rid of ‘stuff’ feels freeing and I like the space it gives. With that in mind, I’m going to be doing this at work and at home. It’s all about prioritising what is really useful and valuable to me (and I don’t mean in monetary terms). I’m a natural hoarder even though I hate it, so it’s going to be a challenge.

A Long Day

Studying at the end of a day in work has been pretty tiring today. It’s still interesting and enjoyable, though, and useful and relevant to my job.

My poorly brother has been diagnosed with cellulitis and it’s good to know exactly what the problem is. Due to his learning difficulties and ASD he has communication difficulties, so could be in much more pain that he lets on. It’s always a worry when he’s ill because of this, as it’s difficult to tell just how poorly he is. He had been to the hospital daily, but is now back on oral meds, which makes things much easier for my folks.

I’m making plodding progress towards meeting all my deadlines for this week so I’m feeling optimistic that everything is coming together on time.

It’s going to be an early night for me, though, and I suspect it will be the same tomorrow. Not very rock and roll, but it’s the best self-care I can give at the moment.


I’m trying to find my blogging rhythm again after a few missed days. I feel like I’ve lost my way somewhat with self-care; I’ve still been doing things I enjoy but not really emphasising self-care. I haven’t walked for about a week. I haven’t practised mindfulness.

There has been a lot happening so I should probably cut myself some slack. My brother is poorly. Work is pressured due to dates and deadlines. I’ve had to deal with some practicalities that haven’t been pleasant. I question whether I’m making excuses, but I think they genuinely are reasons.

The practicalities I’ve been dealing with today are connected to the stressful experience I had last time I was off work. I’m looking forward to the bank holiday to be able to get some of the rest and recuperation I missed out on then.

I’m going to ride out this week without putting too much pressure on myself to actively self-care. Next week hopefully I’ll return to better habits.


My blogging has been pretty intermittent this week. It’s been a tough one, with illness and a lot to do in work making it a struggle to get through. Most evenings I’ve come home and gone to bed, desperate for rest.

Today my cold is feeling better, but I’m exhausted. I went out to have my hair coloured and cut, called in the garden centre, came home and then had to go for a nap. It’s only around 7pm and I feel like going to bed already.

I feel really lazy sleeping so much on a Saturday, but I’m trying to be kind to myself about it: if I’m this tired, I must need the rest so should just go with how my body is feeling. It doesn’t help that it’s a beautiful day and I feel guilty for not making the most of it.

Tomorrow I am calling into work for a couple of hours. At least that will get me up and out of the house, and hopefully I’ll have more energy after all of this rest today.

Fingers crossed.