Something to Tell You

I’m on my way to London, typing this in my phone as I sit on the train. I’m meeting a friend up there, staying in an Airbnb which feels very modern, and going to see Haim’s Sister Sister Sister tour at Alexandra Palace. I’m looking forward to singing along, having a dance and generally enjoying the atmosphere that comes with live music.

I’ve booked tickets to see The Bluetones whilst on this journey too, who I only saw a few weeks ago in Bristol. This time they will be slightly closer to home but on a weeknight, which isn’t ideal. Still, they are brilliant live so it will be worth being a little fatigued the next day.

When I arrive in the capital I need to take the Tube to get to the Airbnb, then later on we are going to get an Uber over to Ally Pally. This will be another modern first for me and feels very “London”.

I’ll be travelling back home tomorrow evening in time for Father’s Day, when I’ll be feeding Dad curry and giving him a gift that he should hopefully like. It’s nice that, even with an overnight stay in London, I’ll still have a full day at home before it’s back to work time on Monday.

The gaps in my blogging have stretched. I’m disappointed that I’ve let the daily habit slip; I question whether I haven’t been taking great care of myself because I’m not blogging or if it’s the other way around. Fatigue has been an issue this week: last night I went for a nap and I ended up getting up again this morning. I doubt London will be very restful, but there’s always the train to nap on during the journey home. I’d like the maintain daily blogging over this weekend, at least.

No doubt, I’ll spend it humming the title track from Haim’s latest album…

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