Positive Starts

I had a good day in work today. There was a positive feeling about the place which made it a much easier Monday than usual. I cleared out some more Stuff, tidied and put away some more and did some planning for the week ahead. I feel like it could be a good week.

Tomorrow is a long day, with uni at the end of it. I’m enjoying my studies, though, and they’re very relevant to my work which makes them meaningful and relevant rather than just learning for its own sake (although there’s enjoyment to be found in that, too).

My brother still isn’t well. He’s been back to hospital today and it seems like they’ve cancelled their diagnosis of cellulitis. In any case, antibiotics aren’t having any effect so it’s more blood tests for him tomorrow, along with a balance of rest, light exercise and fluids to help with the swelling. He’s had scans and X-rays, so it doesn’t seem to be anything too sinister. It is still a worry, though. The good news is that he can get back on the beer now that they’ve taken him off antibiotics, so that should cheer him up a little.

A good night’s rest will help tomorrow go more smoothly, but I’m struggling to sleep well in the heat. I’ve resorted to using a fan and the white noise is in turns irritating and comforting. It’s preferable to the lack of air there seems to be without it, though.

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