Little Chips

No, not small portions of fries! I’ve made little chips rather than a big dent into the Stuff today by doing some recycling. As I was meeting a friend for lunch, there wasn’t a lot of time to get other Stuff sorted, plus I’ve run a few errands. So, today’s been enjoyable and productive, just not so much on the Stuff front.

Tomorrow is my big Work Stuff day. Rather than flitting from job to job, I’m going to tackling things section by section so that I can properly see the benefit of my clearing and sorting, which will (hopefully!) motivate me to keep going. I’m aiming to fill at least four recycling bags as I clear the decks.

I’ve also booked train tickets for a couple of trips away, so they feel more ‘real’ now. One is in a couple of weeks when I’m off to London (where I’ll be headed again later in the summer – I haven’t been for a good few years and I’ll have been 3 times in 2018 by the end of July).

Writing this post has made me realise that I’ve done more than I realised today. One habit I seem to have slipped out of, however, is walking. I’ll be checking the weather to see where I can spot on a stroll tomorrow.

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