Deepening the Dents

My goal of ridding myself of some Stuff has got slightly nearer today. My pile of Stuff to take to charity has grown; I’ve recycled and thrown away if I’ve had to; I’ve reorganised cupboards and drawers to make it easier to access things. It feels good.

It doesn’t exactly look good yet, because there are still piles of things to be sorted out dotted about here and there, in that ‘worse before it gets better’ stage. Still, the dent I’ve made in decluttering at home is definitely getting deeper.

I’ve started planning ahead to a couple of trips I’m taking over the summer, each one only for a couple of nights but, still, it will be nice to get away for a bit. There are things like train tickets to organise but I’m pretty much sorted out. This evening, I met a friend who I’m going away with and it was fun to look ahead to our break.

I’m next going to tackle Stuff at work on Friday. Tomorrow I’m meeting a friend for lunch and a catch up and I have a couple of errands to run. Hopefully it will be another productive day.

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