Making Dents

Decluttering is like painting the Forth Bridge for me: once I’ve worked my around every room, it’s time to start again because Stuff is a habit I can’t seem to break. That’s not to say I don’t stop trying, though, so today I started tackling unnecessary Stuff at work and at home.

At work, I filled a couple of recycling bags with paperwork I don’t need to keep. I threw out tatty and unwanted Stuff. It looks like I haven’t done anything, really, but it’s all a start.

It’s the same at home, where I’ve emptied a big kitchen cupboard and started downsizing my collection of cookware. I’ll continue this mission tomorrow, when I’m hoping my dad will be able to pop round to help with a DIY job (which should be DIYWYD for me: do it yourself with your dad).

I may even squeeze in a trip or two to the tip to get rid of some Stuff…

One thought on “Making Dents

  1. I can very much relate. I’ve started decluttering quite a while back and have come pretty far but it never ceases to amaze me how much stuff is still left, even though I have become much more conscious about what I buy. I guess it’s because once we start decluttering we become more and more aware of the way each item in our home makes us feel. What I didn’t mind sticking around at the beginning of my decluttering journey simply does no longer feel right anymore. I will let it go in stages.

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