I’m trying to find my blogging rhythm again after a few missed days. I feel like I’ve lost my way somewhat with self-care; I’ve still been doing things I enjoy but not really emphasising self-care. I haven’t walked for about a week. I haven’t practised mindfulness.

There has been a lot happening so I should probably cut myself some slack. My brother is poorly. Work is pressured due to dates and deadlines. I’ve had to deal with some practicalities that haven’t been pleasant. I question whether I’m making excuses, but I think they genuinely are reasons.

The practicalities I’ve been dealing with today are connected to the stressful experience I had last time I was off work. I’m looking forward to the bank holiday to be able to get some of the rest and recuperation I missed out on then.

I’m going to ride out this week without putting too much pressure on myself to actively self-care. Next week hopefully I’ll return to better habits.

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