Music, Malady and Missions

I’m still suffering from a cold. This has made the past few days a struggle. It also hasn’t helped that this coincides with a very important time in work with lots of deadlines, plus a big night out that I’ve been looking forward to. Add to that some worries about friends and it’s hard going right now.

I ended up sweating my way through the night out: a music gig in Cardiff that recaptured my youth and gave me the chance to catch up with a lovely former colleague. It was a late night: never great so early in the week.

Over the past couple of days I’ve been frantically putting together work for a meeting tomorrow. It’s all come together but has taken a lot of organisation. I’m optimistic that the meeting will go smoothly. They could be famous last words, but hopefully not.

There are some more work deadlines that I need to meet next week, so I need to get focused to deal with those. They are my next priority. Thankfully it’s then the bank holiday and a bit of time off.

All in all, I feel like I’m juggling a fair few balls at the minute, and I’ve never had great dexterity in that department. Let’s hope none of them drop.

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