Sleepless Sickness

I am admitting defeat at a ridiculously early hour this evening (even by my own fairly low standards), having struggled through the working day fuelled by a mixture of antihistamines, throat spray and paracetamol. I do not feel good. My voice keeps coming and going and I have to use it all the time in work, so that makes things more difficult.

Last night I was inexplicably awake into the small hours. I wanted to get an early night in but, underneath a layer of fuzzy-headed fog, I was awake. It was so frustrating and I am sure has made today even more of a challenge.

Optimistically I brought home two lots of paperwork but have only managed one. I do have some time tomorrow that I can use to get the other job finished (the deadline is Thursday). Why I thought I’d be able to do a load of work the evening after struggling to sleep, I don’t know, but Leaving Work Me seems to think far too highly of Home Me.

I’m going out tomorrow night, so I have to get through the day. It will be a nice reward and I hope that I have the energy to enjoy it.

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