All Over

Sunday evening has arrived. The weekend has gone and the Swans are now officially relegated to the Championship. I can’t help feeling deflated.

To add injury to insult, I’m battling with the beginnings of a cold and it is making me feel fuzzy headed. Concentration has been difficult whilst I’ve tried to get work stuff done today and, worse still, it’s impaired my ability to sing in the car (and presumably other places too). I’m trying to slay the cold with medication and I hope that it doesn’t turn into full blown woman-flu.

This week brings deadlines, meetings and a night out, so a cold is most inconvenient. My to-do lists have given me optimism that the week’s tasks are achievable. If I can get to the end of Thursday unscathed, I’ll be happy. I’ve been given some time to help get things organised which is going to be really helpful.

I have managed to have a walk today, plus I went to a local market and got some chores done, so I’m doing quite well, all germs considered.

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