Friday Night Thoughts

Sometimes I struggle to get started on a blog post. There are days when a theme or idea comes easily, and I know early on in the day what I’m going to write about. At other times, my head is muddled and I have a load of ideas, issues and concerns buzzing around inside it. Today is a day like that, a day when I’m not sure where to start.

I suspect that this comes down to being a bit overwhelmed by ‘stuff’. By this, I mean both physical stuff and ‘to do’ list stuff. ‘To do’ list stuff suggests that I actually make ‘to do’ lists, which I don’t, but I think that I am actually going to make one. I need to do some prioritising and writing things down will help me see exactly what I need to do and what is most important.

My workspace is totally chaotic at the moment; I need a really good clear out. I’ve been time-starved recently, which hasn’t helped. I am hoping that next week I can physically clear the decks a bit so I’ll feel less overwhelmed.

So, this weekend I am going to focus on getting myself sorted with a plan of action and then actually starting to action that plan. There will be time for rest and relaxation as well, of course, and it’s been lovely to start the weekend by taking Mum out for a (late!) afternoon tea. However, I know that I’ll feel less stressed if I can be productive and make a dent in my soon-to-exist ‘to do’ list.

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