It’s a very busy time at work. It’s not really ever not busy, but this is a particularly intense time of the year. There’s the usual routine to go through, plus some extra stuff that is part of my own area of responsibility, and other tasks that add to all of our workloads at this time in the calendar. There are deadlines everywhere.

All of this means that, despite it being a short week, it’s felt long and exhausting, and I think this is only partly down to a late night on Tuesday. Some careful planning is required so that I can get everything that needs to be done finished on time and to the right standard.

Tomorrow evening I’m having some quality time with Mum, so I’ll relax at the start of the weekend. I’m going to need to be well rested so that next week (when there is more important stuff going on) I’ll be on top form.

I’m so tired that I haven’t been for a walk or done any other self-care stuff. I haven’t meditated since I don’t know when. Part of me feels guilty about this, like I’m self-sabotaging by not really looking after myself properly. Then I feel frustrated with myself for feeling guilty. Round in circles I go.

One more working day until the weekend, then.

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