My darling lovely Mum celebrates her 7th birthday today. I’ve written before about how lush she is and it is very nice to get to spoil her.

As a carer for my brother, Mum doesn’t get to indulge in a lot of self care, so I’m treating her to afternoon tea on Friday and am hoping to take her on a spa break sometime, too. Her birthday celebrations have been fairly low key so far, so I want to make a bit of fuss.

Mum hit me with the sobering news this evening that, at my age, she was already without her own Mum, my Nanni. My parents are at the slightly morbid stage now so I guess I should have kind of expected a strange remark or some sort, but this brought me up short.

Along with praise for Mum, my blog has often recounted how I am a terrible adult, needing supervision for the most mundane of things such as a blood test. This is due to being prone to fainting in the past and ongoing anxiety associated with medical procedures. It’s scary to think that, at my age, Mum’s support from her own Mum was already gone. And not just the hand holding at stressful events, but that support and advice, too. Mum’s milestone birthday gives me a chance to celebrate and appreciate the love and support I get from her, and admire her. She’s famously nice but is tough along with it.

People say that Mum and I look alike and, if we share more qualities than just our looks, I’m very lucky.

Happy birthday, Mum.

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