Out of Our Hands

Sorry folks, there’s football in this blog again…

Swansea lost at home to Southampton tonight. This is a Big Deal. It means that we now rely on Huddersfield losing their remaining two matches and us winning against Stoke if we are to stay in the Premier League next season.

I’ve written before about how huge Premiership football has been for the city. There are people whose jobs will go if the team gets relegated: people who aren’t players or even coaching staff. Ordinary enough jobs for ordinary enough Swansea folk.

It’s tough when things are out of our control. The Swans have some control over their own destiny, but it also hinges on the performance of others. That’s something we can’t influence and it’s tough to feel powerless. The people whose jobs are linked to Swansea being a Premiership club must feel impotent. It’s amazing how the performance of a few men playing a game can affect the lives (and livelihoods) of so many.

So what can you do when you’re dependent on the actions of others? I suppose it’s a matter of taking any reasonable action you can in order to help yourself, then considering the possible outcomes and how you can deal with each one.

For now, at least, there’s still hope.

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