Extra Time

Bank Holiday Mondays are great. You don’t get that Sunday doom feeling the day before, there’s an extra lie in and the subsequent working week is a day shorter. Result.

I have been enjoying my extra day of freedom by shopping for a birthday card for my mother. She’s 70 on Wednesday. It’s easy to find a 70th birthday card, or a ‘Mum’ birthday card. However, if I were to make a Venn diagram out of the two card options, there would only be the teeniest tiniest sliver of overlap. I struggled. I rejected one that made it seem like she was ready for a nursing home already and settled on one that was fairly inoffensive. I’ve got her a nice present so hopefully that will make up for the meh card.

As it’s another sunny day, I walked to a street food festival and ate some street food (cheesy chilli fries: very nice) and drank a street shake (Ferraro Rocher flavour: also very nice). I may be overdoing the food excitement somewhat as I’m off to a barbecue this evening, but you have to grab all the barbecue possibilities you can what with the unreliable British ‘summer’ weather.

I feel pretty satisfied that I’ve made the most of the long weekend. I’ll have spent time with different friends, done a variety of stuff and have had some ‘me’ time. Not bad at all.

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