Musical Time Travel

Music has a quite special ability to change your mood, transport you to a certain time in your life and remind you of particular people. My evening has been spent in the last 90s and early 00s, listening to one of my favourite bands from my college and uni years, and the start of my career.

Even better, this was at a live gig, so it had the atmosphere of the crowd. As this was primarily made up of people in their late 30s and early 40s, it was a polite but enthusiastic bunch who were singing and dancing along to some indie pop numbers. It amused me that it was an early gig so that the venue could open later on in its usual nightclub form for the ‘youth’.

As I sang along (yes, I’m one of those), I enjoyed thinking about the songs. I love a good lyric, me, and I must have a good auditory memory because I’m pretty good at remembering song lyrics. It often mystifies me that (as happened today) I can be going to an event, forget the tickets for said event and have to return home to get them, yet can remember word-for-word a song that I haven’t heard for over 10 years. Brains are brilliantly complex, crazy things.

I’m a bit of a sucker for gig merchandise, so I parted with some cash to get an enamel badge and the very middle aged merch choice of a tea towel. The last time I saw the band live I got a mug which my brother managed to break (I’m still not quite over that) so I figured a tea towel was a more durable option and would get more use than the traditional tour t-shirt.

I got to share the evening with an old friend, who I’m staying with tonight. I’ve enjoyed catching up and enjoying some bank holiday sunshine as we’ve walked around Bristol. It makes a pleasant change to have good weather coinciding with time off.

It’s been a good start to the long bank holiday weekend. Here’s to another good day tomorrow.

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