A Long Week Ends Before A Long Weekend

My mood has been a bit up and down this week and I suspect it’s mainly because I’m tired. Yesterday I started and deleted a couple of different things before giving up and basically posting that I couldn’t write.

I didn’t go for a walk yesterday, although I did go over 10,000 steps just by dashing about the place. When I got home, I just flopped on the sofa. Then I flopped into bed.

Today has been a much better day. I made myself have a long walk after work even though I felt shattered. I think it’s given me a bit of an energy boost.

After a really busy week, it’s good that it’s a bank holiday weekend. I’m off to stay with a friend and see a band tomorrow. I love live music: singing along, the atmosphere. If I like an artist I tend to see them multiple times and this will be the third time I’ve seen this band. The first time was when I was in uni, so there will be a fair bit of nostalgia when they take to the stage.

Happy weekend, reader.

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