I love learning. It probably helps that I love to read, too, as learning can often involve a lot of it, particularly learning in a more formal setting. I also love to debate and discuss, to thrash out ideas and get new perspectives.

My professional studies are continuing and I had another session this evening. It was really interesting, engaging and thought-provoking. Coming at the end of a long day’s work, you’d think it would be difficult to maintain my concentration. On the contrary, it sent my mind flying off in different directions. It enthused me. The topic is one that could very easily be dry so it has been a pleasant surprise to gain so much from the course already.

Gaining a new perspective on aspects of my job is really useful. I’m in my twentieth year in the profession and I don’t want to go stale. It’s important to refresh skills and understanding and to keep trying to improve. It rejuvenates me when I extend my learning; it helps keep me motivated.

I’ve also decided that, as a side project, I want to learn Welsh. I’ve been thinking about this for a while. It will be useful in work, but as someone who’s passionate about language, I’m more and more drawn to the language of my homeland as I get older. When I was in school, Welsh wasn’t compulsory at GCSE and there was a Welsh teacher who had dubious personal hygiene habits. Rather than risk ending up with him for two years, I opted for French. Now, I’d like to build up my Welsh skills from a few phrases to decent conversational Welsh.

My next steps are to investigate how to go about this. I have contacts that I can use, so I’m going to find out exactly what I’d need to do and, if it’s all feasible, make a commitment to it.

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