Writing about Writing

This is a blog for yesterday, rather than today, as it’s just gone midnight and I haven’t slept yet, so it technically isn’t morning and therefore not yet tomorrow (with me so far?).

I didn’t want to bin off a day’s blogging because I have done that a couple of times lately, and it’s niggled at me to have gaps. More than that, I’ve missed the process of writing, the reflection, the expression and the exploration that comes with it.

As I brace myself for another week in work, I’m spending an extra few minutes to write rather than trying to go straight to sleep. It may seem illogical to blog rather than rest but, in fact, I think that blogging helps me evaluate how work is going so that I can deal better with its challenges and enjoy its highs.

This all sounds very idealistic, and I’m not suggesting that blogging is a cure for all life’s ills, but writing this blog certainly helps me deal with its ups and downs. If it’s not the writing itself that helps, I end up considering what else might help, what I can do to help myself.

Reading other people’s blogs has given me an insight into other people’s worlds, the opportunity to find common ground, and even genuine friendship. Maybe my words can provide some of that for others.

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