Dignified in Defeat

Swansea lost to Chelsea at home this evening. There’s a real chance that the team could be relegated from the Premier League to the Championship. We’ve been threatened with this in one or two previous seasons, but the team has prevailed and won survival at the eleventh hour. I’m hoping for a similar outcome this season, but who knows what will happen?

Die hard Swans fans will be even more disappointed that Cardiff won in the Championship this afternoon and can still win automatic promotion to the Premiership. It would be exciting for Welsh football to have both teams back in the Premier League together (there’s been one season where this happened, before Cardiff got relegated). It could be a case of the Bluebirds waving at the Jacks as we swap leagues, though.

I was at the match and it was impressive to have a club as big as Chelsea playing at the Liberty. Before Swansea was promoted, it seemed unreal that players like Eden Hazard would be coming to Wales’ second city to play our football team. When the Swans won the playoffs, there was an incredible buzz of positivity around the city; a kind of mixture of excitement and disbelief. Having the team stay in the top league has been brilliant for Swansea as a city. It will be a real shame to have that slip away if the team goes down.

Regular readers of this blog may be feeling a little bewildered by this seemingly sudden interest in the beautiful game. My working life has brought me into contact with the club and I really appreciate what it represents in terms of resilience. The club is famous for almost disappearing; it was saved financially by its fans and worked its way up to the top flight after almost dropping out of league football altogether.

I’ve had some difficult stuff going on lately that has meant drawing upon my own resilience. A bit of that Jack spirit is just what I need to keep moving forward and believing that things will get better. When it feels like I’m losing, it’s an opportunity to learn from what’s gone wrong.

You can’t win ’em all, but that doesn’t have to make you a loser. There’s dignity to be found in defeat.

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