Getting to the End of Friday

This has been a long working week. I felt a sense of relief at the end of the working day. I’ve been tired and am really looking forward to a long lie in tomorrow.

The week has had highs and lows and the weekend is very welcome indeed so that I can rest and reorganise myself. I have some plans to get out and about as well. After last Sunday being taken up by travelling, I’m going to enjoy having two full days off.

I went for a short walk after work today, my first one all week (not counting the 10,000s I did in London). It felt good feeling for my routine to get back to normal after an unusual few days. I haven’t managed my target today, but I’m over 9000 which I’m happy enough about. There may be showers tomorrow, so I’ll have to dash out in between them to get some steps and air.

I’m still feeling a bit rattled about something stressful, but I talked to someone about it today and know that I just have to let things progress and deal with them at each stage. My walk helped a bit with the anxiety about that, which is another reason why I’m keen to get out again tomorrow.

There’s also a health niggle I have that I need to speak to my GP about; the issue I visited my optician with a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully I will soon be seen by a specialist to confirm there’s nothing serious going on. There was a letter on my doormat asking me to ring my GP about it, telling me it was nothing to be concerned about in bold letters. Ah, there’s nothing more worrying than being told not to worry!

I’d received a much nicer letter when I got into work, full of praise for the project that took me for London and everyone involved in it. It was a lovely surprise. I couldn’t share it with everyone involved, so that’s something nice to look forward to on Monday.

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