I’ve tried to move on from a stressful experience, then today it was brought back to the forefront. I need to take a deep breath, use the support I have and get through the situation.

I know that I dwell on things. I overthink. I agonise. I worry. I need to keep things in perspective.

I’ve dashed about today. I haven’t been for a walk or done any mindfulness practice (although there’s still time for that). I’m still tired after my trip and am thrilled that there’s only one more early alarm this week. It hasn’t been the best for self care.

What has helped to nurture me has been my friends and my family, who have been supportive, understanding and helpful when I’ve shared my worries with them. I’m really lucky and grateful to have some fantastic people in my life, as my mind would be a runaway stress train without them at times.

I have been feeling somewhat glum, but this morning I did have some great feedback about my London trip, so it’s really been a mixed day. I shall keep reminding myself to remember the good stuff when a day doesn’t end well.

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