A Capital Time

There’s been blog silence for a couple of days due to my work trip to London. I saw some pretty amazing views.

The whole trip was great: really exciting, beneficial and worthwhile. It was also really tiring and there wasn’t much time for myself. However, I did enjoy it enormously. I had great company and, whilst it would have been nice if events had gone slightly differently, everyone got a lot out of the experience.

London was the end of a process that started four and a half months ago and was potentially going to be over in six weeks. A huge chunk of my working life has been taken up by the project and, now that it’s come to an end, it feels rather strange to have so much time back. It’s a time to reflect on the success, learn from the experience and allow other tasks to have more time and energy devoted to them.

I’ll be back in London twice over the next few months: once to see Haim in Alexandra Palace and again in the summer to see a play in the West End. There’s a definite energy about the capital that makes it a thrilling and interesting place to visit. Being there for leisure rather than business will allow me to enjoy it a little more without the worry that comes with the responsibility of work.

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