There’s a lot going in work-wise at the moment. I travel to London on Sunday for a big day on Monday. Final preparations today went really well. I’m feeling positive, with a little buzz of nervousness running underneath. They feel like good nerves, though; the kind that help get you through a tough day. Fight or flight.

Being so busy has helped me to get over my step target, so I’ve actually exceeded my step target for each working day this week. As I’m aiming for 4/7 days, I’m feeling proud of myself for doing so well. Tomorrow is supposed to be another sunny day, so I should get a stroll in then, too.

I’ve had a good start to the weekend by having a pub meal with my folks. It was nice to chat about the week and what’s coming up. Living alone, it’s especially nice to enjoy a meal with other people.

I’ll be choosing what to take with me on my trip tomorrow. I’ll need a good book for the train, as well as all the work related stuff. I’m going out in the evening for a friend’s birthday meal, which will be a lovely way to spend the evening before my trip.

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