For a third day in a row I have been for a walk after work, made a real pleasure by the sun shining. I felt like I could even smell warmth this afternoon. It’s much more pleasant when the weather is nice.

Simply walking 10,000 steps a day probably sounds pretty unimpressive to a lot of people. Lots of people run, go to exercise classes, swim or cycle. On Sunday I’ll be travelling to London, just as many people complete the Marathon. Whilst I acknowledge the pitiful nature of my strolling in comparison to these kinds of sporting feats, for me regular extra activity is a big achievement. I have never, ever been a sporty person and have always felt like I am destined to be slow and without skill. For me, exercise and sport are activities way outside of my skill set. Therefore, this is definitely a case of walking before I can run (if I ever do).

Walking has definitely helped me to cope with stress. Feelings of anxiety can bubble inside me, and I find that walking helps me to channel some of the nervous energy into activity, helping me to feel physically calmer. I guess it’s using up some of the ‘fight or flight’ adrenaline.

I’m also getting myself organised for my imminent work trip to London, sorting out laundry so that I will be able to pack. The paperwork and logistics are looking like they are all falling into place. I’m looking forward to the trip, albeit wary of the fact that it will involve negotiating London during rush hour on Monday evening. It will be a change of pace from home, for sure.

Three days back into work, then, and I’m feeling tired but positive about how the week is going. Hopefully my body clock will soon adjust properly out of holiday mode and I will be less tired in the evenings, more used to the early mornings. I’ll need to make the most of the chance to relax on Saturday, as the journey to London will cut my weekend short on Sunday.

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