Rest and Recuperation?

At the start of my spring break, I anticipated taking some time to spend on myself, my home and my professional studies. An event on Easter Monday totally changed my holiday. It was a stressful and upsetting event, and its consequences are ongoing. I actually didn’t blog for a couple of days in its aftermath, because I was too overwhelmed with processing what had happened. Therefore, the prospect of going back to work tomorrow has both its ups and downs.

The ups are that I will enjoy seeing the people I work with and having my job to focus on. I have a big event coming up in a week’s time that I am looking forward to despite knowing it will be hard work.

It’s a busy time in work, which also brings both ups and downs. The time flies by, but there is the pressure to get things done well within a short timeframe.

The downs of going back to work are that I needed a break that I feel I haven’t really had. The time off has ended up being spent recovering and I would have liked to be more rested and have been more productive with my time. There are things I wanted to achieve that I haven’t, and I feel that I am going to need to look after myself well in the next few weeks.

I’m fortunate in that I get frequent holidays, so it will only be a few weeks until I have another week off. Until then, I’m going to be gentle with myself.

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