Time to Fill

Today is really the last day of my holiday (weekends don’t count). I’ve had a nice mixture of things going on.

I visited a cafe that I’ve never been to before with my best friend. We had a lovely brunch and have found a new haunt. The food, atmosphere and staff were all lovely.

This afternoon, I had a dental appointment to investigate the toothache that I’ve been suffering. If you’ve read this blog before, you may well be aware of my extremely squeamish nature, which makes medical and dental procedures particularly traumatic. I know they aren’t anyone’s favourite things to do, but I am supremely bad at dealing with that sort of stuff. Luckily, my plucky mother was on hand to accompany me to give me moral support and pass me the apple juice when I had my inevitable funny turn.

It turns out that I had a broken filling in my back tooth. The good news was that this did not require an injection, as it didn’t have to be drilled out. My very patient and understanding dentist replaced my filling quickly and calmly. A little sit down in the waiting room to recover and I was on my way, feeling as tough as a marine.

Events have made this holiday stressful rather than restful, but I’m grateful that I’ve been off work to be able to deal with what’s gone on.

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