Retail Therapy

Today I’ve seen a friend and gone shopping with my lovely mum.

‘Retail therapy’ is a popular term. I can see why people enjoy spending cash. There’s a bit of a thrill to be had in finding a bargain, or an item you’ve been hankering after for a while.

However, at the moment I’m trying to physically and mentally declutter. That means offloading possessions rather than accumulating more. Also, I need to be more prudent in my spending. This places limitations on retail therapy.

When I met my friend, I combined it with a supermarket shop. I got boring, household shopping done, but actually remembered to get the stuff that I’d forgotten about the last few times I went shopping (ketchup!). I also felt smug about getting some reduced bargains that I made into a tasty dinner for myself.

This evening, Mum and I enjoyed a free snack and drink in M and S and bought some cards. We wandered around the shops and chatted, making plans for gardening and jobs around the house.

For me, it’s not the shopping itself that’s been the therapy today. The best part has been the company I’ve had during and around it. Also, it’s helped me to achieve over 10,000 steps again.

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