Last night I had a great night out with a friend to see a comedian. We went for dinner first, then had the worst on-tap coke I have ever experienced in the theatre bar before the show. The warm-up act was enjoyable and the main event was really, really funny. I managed to forget my woes for a while.

It was a bonus that I managed to do over 10,000 steps yesterday just by wandering around. Today is dry and I have been out and about again. I’ve enjoyed some fresh air and taken a walk to take advantage of the decent weather. Not a bad Sunday at all.

My late night is now catching up with me, but I’ve resisted the temptation to nap and am going to relax in front of the telly instead.

Tomorrow I have an appointment that I’m a bit nervous about, as well as some admin I have to get done. Luckily, my best friend is going to keep me company whilst I get myself sorted out.

I’ve had to re-evaluate a few of my self-care goals over the last week. At the moment, my priority is dealing with the practical problems that I can, whilst being gentle with myself. I can’t escape all of my stresses and worries permanently at the moment, but I can do my best to make them as manageable as possible.

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