So far today, I have walked fewer than a thousand steps. There is a sense of relief in the idea that it doesn’t matter that I’ve moved so little. I haven’t let anyone down. I haven’t failed.

Basically, today I have got up, gone out for lunch with my family, come home and had a nap. That’s it.

I feel really tired and I wonder how much of that is through lack of activity. Being more active over the last month has helped me to feel more alert and the sudden switch to sloth mode is possibly a shock to the system. I am slightly regretful that I didn’t move more earlier on today, but I also wanted to treat myself to a day of laziness. It goes to show, though, that perhaps you should be careful what you wish for. My tentative plan for more activity 4/7 days a week is seeming more and more like a good idea.

I’m on my second Carnegie Medal nominee and I haven’t even mustered up the energy to read any of that yet, today. I feel like a slug.

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