Tomorrow Already

I’ve had a fun night out. Technically there will be two blogs today, as this blog is really for yesterday, but the clock has swept past midnight whilst I’ve been out enjoying myself with colleagues. Everyone seemed to have a good time. I definitely laughed a lot. There were some daft moments that were enormously fun and enormously silly. I loved it.

Today was the last day of work for a couple of weeks, save for a fleeting visit next Wednesday for a couple of hours. I am ready to relax, unwind and also be productive, getting things done around the house that I’ve been meaning to do but too knackered to be bothered with after work.

There are only two days left of my step challenge. Tomorrow may be showery but I am hoping to get as many steps in outside as I can. I may try to go for broke on Saturday for the final day. We’ll see. Again, the weather will probably have a lot to do with what happens.

The lighter evenings are making it seem more and more like spring, even if the weather doesn’t always act in a seasonally-appropriate way. It feels like a good time to plan and prepare for new experiences this holiday.

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