At the Sharp End

Being a squeamish forty year old is embarrassing. Not embarrassing enough for me to leave my almost seventy year old Mum at home when I went for a blood test today, though. Her support really helps. I have coping mechanisms that I use to get me through these types of situations, but today went without my usual supply of apple juice cartons because I forgot to buy some. I was armed with ice packs and fruit pastilles, though.

The hour long wait at the hospital did nothing to dispel my anxiety. Seeing my name eventually come up on the screen to go through was a huge relief. As always, the nurse who dealt with me was fantastic. She was super patient and chatted cheerily to me whilst she went about things. I did have a woozy moment after she had finished, but it passed fairly quickly. My reactions are much less severe than they used to be. It would be good if they disappeared altogether, but I am confident enough that I am able to manage myself in these situations.

Then, I had to get home to meet a colleague because we had to travel to a tutorial for my course. The journey took about half an hour and made the day feel really long. I’m glad that there are only two days left in work before the Easter bank holiday weekend.

My walk this evening wasn’t too long as I’d been dashing about all day. The lighter evenings certainly make for a pleasanter walk. On Friday and Saturday I plan to do some walking somewhere more interesting and beautiful than around my estate, although there are some showers forecast. It will be nice if it stays dry. It can rain all it likes in the 1st April when I don’t need to hit 10,000 steps!

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