Starting as you mean to go on

Monday nights aren’t usually very interesting for me. It’s meeting night in work, and then I get home and maybe think about doing the bins ready for the morning, because Tuesday is bin day. Rock ‘n’ roll.

At the moment, though, I still have over 10,000 steps a day to complete. That means that this evening I got to have a stroll before it started drizzling and I’ve gone over my target again. As a bonus, I’m slightly ahead of my friend in our workweek step challenge. This is a motivator, as she was ahead of my pretty much every day last week. I like to think that’s it’s a bit of healthy competition.

A bigger bonus was meeting up with a friend this evening for a chat. I enjoyed talking and listening and it made me totally forget that I need to go and have my blood test tomorrow. It’s been nice not to spend the evening dwelling on it, even though it’s popped into my head again now. I’ll go equipped with my coping supplies and Mum and I’ll be fine.

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