Counting Down

This is the final week of my 10,000 steps a day challenge and I have 4 days in work before my Easter holiday. Things are coming to an end just as spring is beginning.

I’d like to think that it’s an end that signals a new beginning. My extra daily walk is starting to become a habit that I want to keep up. Being active and outdoors helps me to feel more alert and can only be good for my physical health, too.

I have a diabetes clinic appointment next week and have to have a blood test in readiness for it this week. I hate blood tests. The scratch of the needle doesn’t bother me, but afterwards I often feel woozy. I go armed with apple juice and sweets to (ironically) get my blood sugar up afterwards. I take ice packs to cool me down, as overheating is usually the first sign that I might pass out.

It is a massive pain being such a baby where medical stuff is concerned. At the grand old age of forty, I will be accompanied by my ever- patient mother to my blood test. It makes me feel ridiculous and I wish I didn’t have these sorts of reactions to medical procedures. I am always extremely grateful for Mum’s support at these sorts of appointments. I am better at managing my anxiety around feeling faint, and haven’t had a proper “funny turn” for some time. I even braved the flu jab this year. I am making progress.

So, as spring gets under way, I am hoping to keep growing; improving my management of my health and developing my self care.

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