Work Related Fun

I went out tonight. I got my 10,000 steps done early, so all the rest were bonus strides. It’s the end of the week and I was ready to unwind.

My night out was with some of my department colleagues. It was at somewhere I’d never been before, which I was excited about as it’s nice to find new haunts. The company was good and we over-ordered food and had some drinks. I laughed out loud, hard, several times. I’ve had a good night.

It’s now past midnight so I’ve technically missed a day in blogging, but as I haven’t been to sleep yet I’m still counting this as daily writing. Even on days where I don’t find much I want to share, I enjoy the discipline of writing something down.

I was happy to be on a good footing with a person I accidentally upset yesterday. I’ve learned a lesson about that person’s self-esteem and sensitivities that I won’t forget. I still wish that I’d bitten my tongue, but I’m glad things are back to normal and won’t dwell on it any longer.

Tomorrow is going to be a day of essay writing, walking and socialising. I have to keep those steps up for about another week to get to the end of my challenge!

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