Errors of judgement

I upset two people today. Both were inadvertent but it’s never a nice feeling. I keep thinking about what I could have done differently in both instances. In one, I feel that it was one of those situations where I couldn’t have anticipated someone taking offence. The other, though, was a quip that I totally did not mean that someone took to heart. This one is a learning experience. I will know in future where the boundaries are between the dreaded word “banter” and topics of sensitivity.

After the day of upset, I’ve arrived to have my car serviced. I got snarled up in traffic so go here late and the receptionist was a bit shirty. I did have to bite my tongue as I got here on time for my original appointment that they had recorded incorrectly. Hmph. At least everything was fine with the car.

I’ve had friends check in with me that I’m okay and had some nice things said to me, which is making me feel a bit better about my faux pas. Friends are great. I never get people who say: “I’ve got enough friends.” You can never have too many lovely people in your life.

I’ve had my walk and had some therapeutic car singing on the way home. Tomorrow hopefully I strike a better balance between self care and caring for others.

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