Enforced Happiness

It seems like every day it’s an official ‘day’; tomorrow is probably International Ketchup Day or something equally improbable. Today, though, is International Day of Happiness. The trouble with that title is its implication that everyone should be happy today when clearly that isn’t going to be the case. People’s anxieties and woes aren’t going to disappear just because some people have decided it’s a happy day. If only it were that simple!

However, I suspect that isn’t really the intention, to force people to have fun and be happy. Life isn’t all rainbows, unicorns and ice cream and everyone sensible knows that. International Day of Happiness seems to be more about making Happiness a priority. Maybe looking for the good amongst the bad if you’re having a bad time. Thinking of how you can bring a little bit of happiness to someone else.

So, on this joyous occasion, what has made me happy?

I’ve taken the time for self-care by practising mindfulness and by going for a walk. I’ve got my step target reasonably early on in the evening. I’ve laughed out loud more than once in work today. I am on course to meet a deadline I have for tomorrow.

And how have I tried to make others happy?

Well, my step target helps to raise money for Cancer Research UK, a charity which brings happiness through its research into a disease that causes so much misery. I turned on my colleague’s heater when I got into work early so that she wouldn’t be cold. Hopefully I’ve made a few people smile in my dealings with them today.

There’s definite room for improvement in my life. It would be nice to have a partner to share it with, for example. Despite this, I know that I still have blessings to count.

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