Every Step Counts

I’ve crept over my step target today. I am getting twinges in my calf muscles so was a bit of a slow plodder today. I probably should do some kind of stretching before/after my walks; as I’ve mentioned before, I am not a sportswoman so that type of caper is alien to me.

The weather has lost its bitter edge so it was pleasantly fresh when I went for my walk after work. My cheeks were reddened but not raw when I came in. I am very tired now, though, and can’t see me getting through many more steps this evening. I don’t think I’m going to be able to concentrate for any proper reading, either, which is a shame. I’ve started the first chapter of Wed Wabbit, one of the Carnegie Medal shortlist, and it seems like it will be an engaging read. However, it’s more likely that I will have an early night tonight than read some more.

There are some deadlines ahead in work this week so it’s going to be busy. The good news is that mindfulness is on tomorrow afternoon, which I’m looking forward to. I use the app last night and did a body scan. It’s still difficult to stop zoning in and out, but I liked the focus on my breathing. Again, there was unpleasant mention of ‘organs’ as part of the scan which made me feel a bit weird. I don’t like getting too anatomical and start to have a bit of a funny turn. Now that I know that’s part of the recording, I’ll be prepared and hopefully a little less sensitive about it.

In the spirit of self-care and boosting morale, I’m organising a work social. Rather flatteringly, I was asked if I would organise it as I’m a “neutral” who gets on with most folk. Last time I did the organising for a night out it got rather stressful getting confirmations and deposits from people, but there were more activities involved. I think that it will be a bit more straightforward this time, plus it will be good to get together with colleagues who I rarely get to see in work itself. Plus, if there’s dancing, it will be easy to get over my step target that night!

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