Win Some; Lose Some

Snowflakes are fluttering down outside as I type this evening. It’s been a very chilly day, which was made even more unpleasant by watching us lose the football in a chilly stadium. Fortunately, we won the rugby by a whisker, so at least that’s something.

I’m still winning my step challenge, having passed my target already. My sponsorship is mounting up steadily as well, which is great. It will be nice if it’s not quite so chilly for my walks tomorrow, but I’ve got my thermals to see me through.

It is taking me ages to read the novel I’m on at the moment. Often, I spend hours devouring a book but I’ve very much been dipping in and out. I’ve got a to-read pile mounting up behind it, so I want to demolish a good few chapters this evening, also because I want to know what happens to the not-perfectly fine heroine.

It’s also time to do some more mindfulness practice at home. I’m onto the next stage in my mindfulness app, which is a body scan. I’ve found these tricky in my mindfulness class, so it will be interesting to try it in my own space and find out if it’s a winner.

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