The Difference Between 16 and 26

Today has been productive and also went really quickly in work. I beat a hasty exit as my car was due to have its service, only to arrive at the garage to be told that it had been booked in for the 26th instead of the 16th. This was clearly their mistake as I would never have agreed to a Monday date, as I always have a late afternoon meeting. However, I didn’t rage and wail. I just let them find me another appointment. I’ve never been able to kick off in such situations. I hate confrontation and suspect that it wouldn’t have been helpful anyway.

The unexpected window in my schedule allowed me to have a walk and get to over 10,000 steps before popping in to see my folks. I had some goodies to pass on to my brother which he was really excited about. I was glad to put a smile on his face.

I’m taking time to relax with friends this evening and making plans to go out to the football tomorrow. It should be a good weekend, especially if we win!

The downside of last night’s success was being in lots of photos. Again, this forced me to look at my appearance. I am moving more but need to be much more proactive in managing my weight. An aim for this weekend is to plan for the week ahead so that I can make some healthier choices. I’ll probably never be happy with my appearance, but I can definitely be happier.

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