Keeping On and Picking Back Up

After work we had our first mindfulness session for a few weeks due to a couple of postponements and holidays. The group had depleted in numbers and I am so busy that I was tempted to skip it as well, but I’m now glad that I went. I’ve only done some short mindfulness practice myself lately, particularly when I’m on my evening walk. It was good, then, to make the time for some longer practice.

We started with a short meditation that focused on our breathing, which relaxed me. Then, we did a half hour body scan. I really struggled with this. I lay flat and kept zoning in and out, maybe nodding off at times, my mind racing at others. I certainly wasn’t scanning along with the session leader; in fact I had to open my eyes and focus on the ceiling to try to feel more alert. It wasn’t that I was too relaxed, rather that I was too tired and the breathing sent me into a strange, trippy kind of trance that I didn’t quite feel comfortable with in a room full of my colleagues, lovely though they are. Later, though, we did some standing movement and tai-chi style breathing. This I really liked. It made me feel more alert and uplifted, and I left the session feeling on a high.

Mindfulness meant I left work late, then I had to run an errand on the way home. By the time I ate it was dusk for my evening walk. I much prefer walking in daylight, but I still enjoyed the fresh air and I hit 10,000 steps well before home, with my Fitbit having a little party on my wrist. I’m almost halfway through my challenge, and am getting lots of encouragement both on social media and in real life, with people praising my efforts. This is really, really lovely and motivating. My lovely colleague chum who is doing the challenge as well is also totally supportive. It is so much nicer having someone else to cheer you on and who you can support as well.

I have a big work day tomorrow which I’m both daunted by and excited about, probably in about equal measure. I’m going to attempt an early night if my mind isn’t racing too much, but have a bit of a read first to unwind a bit more. I expect it to be tiring but fun, and hopefully I can get a good few steps in as well!

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