When I went for my walk today, there were worms everywhere on the path. Most of these were ex-worms, dried up on their final asphalt resting places. It seems that when it rains, worms can drown in the soil as they breathe through their skins. So, they come to the surface. Why they don’t then go back into the earth seems a mystery. They’ve apparently left the soil to try to save themselves, only to perish anyway. Poor worms.

It seems unfair that this is a common worm fate. Worms are pretty amazing creatures. They help to make the soil fertile, so that crops can be grown. They do a useful job. If a bit of them gets chopped off, they can self-repair. They are resilient. Except when it rains.

I can be a bit wormlike. I like to think that I do a useful, important job. When it comes to resilience, however, I could take a few lessons from my worm role models, hence this blog. I started it to get myself to engage more actively in self-care. Like the worms, I don’t always make the best choices for myself when it rains, when there is a stressful situations, but instead of ending up on the pavement, I become exhausted and self-critical. This is where I need to differ from the worm.

My self-care practices have been helping me to deal with day to day stresses. Being more active and taking a daily walk is definitely helping me to feel more alert and lifting my mood. Maybe I can build up from walking to more vigorous exercise. Taking the time to read for pleasure has also been making me feel relaxed. I’m enjoying the escapism of my novel and engaging with the voice of its main character. I read a lot for work, but have to make a real effort to make time to read stuff that’s just for me, that doesn’t link fairly directly with my job.

This blog is helping me to work my way through self-care and I am also enjoying the daily practice of writing. Like a worm working through the soil, writing helps me to work through what I’ve been doing and feeling and how I could be doing and feeling. Blogging is definitely a positive experience for me so far: there’s no worming away from it.

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