Reading in Bed

TMI alert: I’m in bed. It’s just about half seven in the evening, and I’ve already taken to my bed to have a good read before an early night. It’s been a whirlwind of a week, and next week is set to be much the same, if not a little busier. So, I don’t feel at all ashamed to be utterly unrock’n’roll on a Friday night. I realise that this totally contradicts previous posts where I’ve applauded Friday plans, but it’s a lady’s prerogative to change her mind.

My steps are done for the day. Tomorrow I’m hoping not to sleep in too much so that I can get moving at a decent hour to clock up my steps. It’s fitting that it’s Mothering Sunday this weekend, as it’s Mum who is the motivation for my month of stepping. She was very lucky to have a tiny breast tumour identified in a routine scan, and I am so thankful for the skill of the person who spotted it. She went through radiotherapy successfully and is doing well a couple of years later. If me raising my activity level to above that of a narcoleptic sloth helps fund a bit of research into screening or treatment, then I’m all for wandering around my locality in the rain after Friday night dinner. I’ll be cooking Sunday lunch for Mum this weekend, so shopping for supplies will provide me with more steps towards my goal. I’ll have to remember to push the trolley one-handed so that my Fitbit recognises my steps; it doesn’t seem to do so if I’m pushing something and I don’t want to get shortchanged!

I’m reading ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’ and really enjoying it so far (non-spoiler alert: she’s completely NOT fine). I’ve got friends who are waiting for a review when I’ve finished, so that’s a good enough reason to tuck myself up with a drink and a couple of squares of chocolate. That’s my relaxation and self- care this evening.

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