I’m writing a little earlier than I usually do in a work day, because I’m off out soon to see a band at an arena gig. There’s something about live music that excites and cheers me. In fact, I enjoy music a lot, with singing in the car being one of my all time favourite things. I love a good lyric and am always chuffed when there’s a song words round in a pub quiz.

Aspects of the live music experience can make me feel anxious. I don’t like being in the thick of the crowd if I’m standing, so I tend to lurk at the back where you have more room to move and breathe. If the occasion calls for it, I might even have a bit of a dance. I also hate too much heat and gigs are notorious for being hot and sweaty. This means enduring the queues at the bar to keep hydrated, and running my wrists under the cold tap in the Ladies when it’s particularly stuffy. I find ways around my stressors.

The band tonight have had good reviews for this tour. So, whilst they’re not one of my all time favourites, I’ve never seen them live before, so I am sure it will be fun. I’m also going with a couple who are good friends of mine and I’m looking forward to spending time with them.

Music can really change my mood and give me that “hair standing up on the back of your neck feeling”. There are certain songs that I never skip when they come up on shuffle because they always uplift me in some way. I’m lucky to be going to a few concerts this year to see an eclectic mix of artists (I am far from a music snob, although like everyone there’s stuff that’s outside my taste).

If you’re at a gig tonight, look out for the lady at the back singing along. It might be me!

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