My self-care tonight is spending some time with my bestie. I cooked her some dinner and did laps of her dining table to get my steps up. She is very sleep deprived being a new mum, so I hoped I could let her get some sleep by keeping an an eye on the little one whilst she napped. Sadly, baby didn’t get the memo about this and stayed stubbornly awake.

Step-wise, I have a few more steps to do to hit my target, but I’m almost there so I’m not worried. My work friend is doing the same challenge as me, and is also doing well. It’s good to spur each other on and we’ve been cheering each other on our Fitbit apps!

I feel tired again tonight. I think I need to dig out my glucose monitor and see how my blood sugar is. I have a diabetic clinic appointment next month and, whilst I was one point away from ‘normal’ last time, I am afraid that my level will have crept up. I’m also not thrilled at the prospect of the preceding blood test, although I am proud that the last few I’ve had haven’t prompted funny turns. I’ll be armed with my apple juice and chocolate buttons just in case I feel funny.

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