Struggling to Step

Usually it’s really easy to hit my step target when I’m in work. I’m up early, going from building to building, popping in to see colleagues and running errands. Today, though, I was pretty much tied to my own desk all day, and even though I was up and stepping whenever I could, it was a hard slog getting to 10,000 this evening.

Work went surprisingly well considering the circumstances. Some areas are out of bounds for the next few weeks as they are so badly damaged. Everyone seemed to get stuck in and muddle through, though. I’m fortunate in that I am not affected too much, other than having to reorganise a few things.

To crank up the steps after work, I visited my folks to help them carry stuff back upstairs after having carpets fitted in the bedrooms. This helped them whilst helping me, which in turn will help Cancer Research UK, so all’s well. I also took Mum to the supermarket, then polished off the evening with a strut around the block. 10,000 done.

I already know that mindfulness is cancelled tomorrow again, which does give me more step time. I’ll use the app at home to make up for the missed session. Everything feels like it’s been a bit rushed today, so I’m keen to have a more measured, mindful day tomorrow.

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