Water, Water Everywhere…

Well, it’s back to much more familiar Welsh weather: rain. Admittedly, it’s still very cold, but it’s much more familiar to have liquid plopping to the ground rather than the gentle float of flakes. I’ve met my step target comfortably early today courtesy of a walk in the wet before the rain became too heavy.

The cold snap has brought its problems. Unfortunately, I ended up in work today after burst pipes caused several leaks and a lot of damage in one of the buildings. The musty smell of damp hung in the air, and the ceiling tiles had turned into a mush of porridgey papier-mâché. A lot of stuff is ruined. It’s a mess. I’m lucky in that my workspace is in another building and really feel for the colleagues who are directed affected.

It looks like this will limit what is possible in work come Monday, but I know that we’ll be in, which is something after two days off due to the weather. I’m bracing myself for stressed out colleagues: we are going to have to pull together. We will hear the exact plan tomorrow lunchtime.

I’m indulging in more self-care this evening by curling up in the dry and reading more of my novel.

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