A Snow Day Bro Day

It’s felt like a fraudulent day off today. Work was declared closed, but there’s been very little snow here. It has, however, been bitterly cold, making my 10,000 steps a day challenge rather tricky. I cut short a walk after lunch as I was starting to go numb, so had to venture out again later in the afternoon. Here was me thinking that March would be a nice, warmer, spring-like month to stroll in. I’ve had my first sponsorship, which is a great motivator.

As a dutiful daughter, I got my folks some grocery supplies and, when I delivered them, found my brother there in a restless state as his day service was closed. My parents were painting in his room and this total change of routine was a bit too much for him to handle. I took him back to mine for lunch and the chance to relax without DIY happening around him. He seemed to appreciate it.

It’s been very odd to have a three day first week back. I’m not sure whether this will help to ease me back in or make next week more of a struggle!

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