Saints, Books and Steps

Today is Saint David’s Day, World Book Day and the first day of my 10,000 steps a day in March challenge. I have the hint of a daff coming into bloom, been reading the novel I’m working through at the moment, and hit my step target. So, an eventful first day of the month!

Being off work today, I had an enormous lie in – probably too much of a lie in, as I had that sleep-hangover feeling when I finally woke up properly. This meant I was starting on the back foot, step-wise, as I’d missed out on a morning’s worth of steps. However, after visiting my friend, I ventured out on my first of two walks in the wind. It was trying to snow, but it’s remained very light and dusty all day, blowing about on the roads and pavements like sand. I still had to pace the lounge like a 1950s expectant father outside the delivery room, though. Tomorrow I resolve to get up earlier!

We had an email and text to inform us that work is also closed tomorrow, so it’s a very extended weekend for me. Whether we actually get any substantial amount of snow here remains to be seen. It’s certainly windy at the moment but there’s no sign of flakes.

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