Cwtching In

For the non-Welsh, cwtch means a cuddle or hug. Cwtching in means snuggling up, getting cosy: a great piece of self-care when the temperature plummets and snowflakes start dancing down from the sky.

Today, excitement raced around my work place when we received an email saying we will be shut tomorrow due to an amber weather warning for snow and ice. Getting to have an extra, unexpected lie in feels like a real treat (possibly a sad reflection upon the smallness of my life). There’s the possibility of being closed again on Friday, so I have just enough work with me here to keep me on top of things, whilst still allowing for some bonus relaxation.

This relaxation has been kicked off with some mindfulness meditation this evening. I’m working my way through the practice on my app and will soon be onto a different meditation, which will be interesting to try. I’m planning on an early night after the excitement of the football yesterday, which meant I couldn’t settle to sleep for quite a while.

Tomorrow I need to get in a walk before it snows properly, because I’ve decided to do a 10,000 steps a day challenge throughout March, to raise money for Cancer Research UK and to do myself some good, too. My mum has successfully undergone treatment for breast cancer, and I’d like to help in some small way (that doesn’t cost the charity itself anything) towards funding more research. I did this once before in September 2016, and feel like it’s time to do something positive again. Apologies in advance for pictures of my Fitbit showing I’ve hit over 10,000 steps on this blog…

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